If Spain has always caught your attention, and specifically Andalusia for its unbeatable weather, and its cheap prices compared to the rest of Europe, Malaga is the ideal place to start getting to know the Spanish land. And, furthermore the luxurious town of Marbella is the perfect spot to celebrate your stag do with style.

This small town has an international reputation, and not just because of its location between the sea and the mountain; in fact, close mountains surround Malaga, which creates the perfect weather conditions, having all year long a very enjoyable temperature between 62ºF and 64ºF.

Does cold weather make you sick? Then leave your coat and the gray skies behind you and come to know the hot sun of Marbella. In the 50s there were many who were attracted to the Marbella coast and its 16 miles of beach, mostly came because the jet-set of that time and moment did an excellent work as advertising agents. They sold Marbella very well everywhere around the world. And still today, it is a preferred holiday destination for hundreds of people and many of those celebrities stayed and made Marbella their home. Oh! If you are worried about getting to Marbella from the airport, do not worry! We have a Transfer Service to Marbella from the airport itself.

And what better excuse than a stag do to get to know this wonderful place with all your friends?


Stag Do Ideas

If you are looking for good ideas for a stag do we will give you the best tips. We have been organizing events and celebrations for more than 10 years now, so take note:

Let us organize you a Boat Party from the luxurious Puerto Banus harbour, which occupies the fourth place in the world ranking of marinas, a beautiful combination of leisure and luxury, its design was created by the architect Noldi Schreck, who also collaborated with the construction of Beverly Hills-, you will fall in love with its breathtaking landscapes.

So head with us into the Mediterranean Sea, and set sail for a few hours with flawless music, good drinks, and your people eager to have fun. Or if you prefer, you can hire a Fiesta in a private boat, if you need that extra privacy.

We cannot ignore the stripper moment, you have to agree that it is one of the most anticipated and expected in a stag do. We collaborate closely with the best erotic dance girls of Marbella. Stunning bodies that will leave all your friends amazed, and the groom just paralyzed in astonishment. We only work with nude art professionals to guarantee the best shows to our clients.

If you want a little bit of action during the day, we organize Paintball Games and Go Karting racesBarbecues … The best options to prepare the body for what’s coming next, since you have to be in shape to face Marbella’s night.

If you do not know where to go, we will advise you to the best clubs according to your personal preferences.

We have many other ideas, but the best thing is that you get to know Marbella Temptation perfectly well. And if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be more than happy to help you organize the best stag do you can possibly imagine.

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