Stag Do Ideas and Activities in Marbella

In the Marbella stag do, there is a range of services we offer to make sure that every dime you’re going to spend on the trip is duly rewarded. Here is some Stag Do ideas and activities while in Marbella:

  • FootGolf
  • Paintball
  • Bar Crawl
  • Go Karting
  • Quad Biking
  • Bubble Football
  • Binocular Football
  • Clay Pigeon Shooting
  • Midget stripper hire

1. FootGolf:

Football or Golf? If you’re torn between the ideas of which to choose, you can have both! Who needs to register in a club just to play their favorite game of golf? And who needs a large ball with a large team when your friends are standing right there?

If you get what we’re driving at, then we’re about to bring out your competitive side and your sports-loving nature with FootGolf. You can mix golf and football together to burn that energy ranging through your muscles.

What’s even more exceptional is that if you do not have the patience to get the right target for a hole with a stick, you can speed up the process with your foot. There’s also the fun part of wearing Pringle socks, colored jumpers, and any other outfit without your buddies judging.

2. Paintball:

It’s war time! Now get in line, pick up your rifle, strategize, and come up with a game plan that will enable you to win trophies. It’s time to show all those gaming skills you’ve been acquiring closed doors and now, defeat your opponent.

How about we skip the competitive part and just focus on the fun you can have with this outdoor activity with your friends in Marbella. However, get ready to be hit by some paintballs.

3. Bar Crawl:

Bar crawl stag weekends are all about drinking in multiple bars on the same night and typically walking from place to place to do so. The point here is not the drinks, but learning about the history and culture of the city you’re in and in this case, Marbella.

So in your quest to see what the city offers while having a pint and evil shots that leave you crawling at the end of the day, you would’ve also learned something intriguing. It begins by taking advantage of the opportunity to explore the city with your eyes and absorbing different atmospheres.

4. Go Karting:

Speed and adrenaline sound good and it’s even better if you can feel it. Thus, within 20 minutes reach from Puerto Banús, you can go Karting on a machine whose engines are as reliable as the can be. Hit the gas, speed up, and win the race; that is if you’re feeling highly competitive.

5. Quad Biking:

One more stag do activity for the weekend is quad biking or ATVs and it has been specially designed for motor freaks. Get on the mechanical beast, navigate along the terrain with your mates, and show your skills and expertise in overcoming dips, slopes, and mud.

Also, a quad biking stag weekend is your dream come true if you thrive on speed and performance. However, there’s the risky nature of the activity to consider and that being so, you’ll have to adhere to rules and safety procedures that will be given by a qualified instructor.

6. Bubble Football:

Bubble football is a stag do activity that requires that you move around a lot because you will be rolling down the hill with big zorbs of a bubble. The bubble covers the upper body while you run around in it playing games. Depending on the weather, this activity holds outdoors in a football pitch or inside a gymnasium and you may need a gym kit and some trainers in order to be well geared to play.

Asides from you and your stags, there’s a referee and staff to ensure it is a fair game and there is a help when you need it to get off your bubble. So, run around, charge into your friends, see how many you can knock down without feeling it, and live in the joy of the moment.

7. Binocular Football:

Yes, it’s football alright but this time around, its binocular football which differs significantly from what you may have already known. It can mess up your mind and perception having binoculars wrapped around your eyes as you play, but that’s the fun part.

What’s even more intriguing is the challenge that comes with it because it can give even the most skilled player a run for their money. However, we believe you love a challenge and you’re up for the task while trying to acquire a new skill. All you need is a football kit, shoes, goggles, bibs, the ball, and the cones for you lads can sweat it out.

8. Midget Stripper Hire Marbella

We’ve all got fantasies but not very many can outlive theirs. A midget stripper hire in Marbella can offer you something relaxing, sexy, and sensual from a dwarf stripper. They can sure put up an erotic show that will definitely be worth remembering and each time you do, we bet a smile will creep on your face.

Just imagine what it could be like to relive the ultimate stag do experience to your buddies and let anyone who failed to have shown know what they had missed. Chances that they won’t stand you up next time might be high. But then, you need a smartphone or camera whose battery is rock solid to enable you to capture these memorable moments.

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