There are reputable airports in Ireland and the United Kingdom which offer direct flights to Málaga airport. Once you get to the Airport, you can employ the services of a Mini Bus Shuttle to transport you and your friends to your Villa or Hotel. This is because it takes about 50 minutes to travel between the airport and Marbella.

Lest we forget, you can also optionally have a cheeky butler welcome you with a cold glass of cava if you have settled for the option. Thereafter, you will be taken to your hotel to prepare for the Marbella hen do.

Who Can Organize my Hen Party?

Your Marbella hen do must be an exquisite and that is why you need to rely on a company with the experience to organize one for you. The company in question must be able to offer quality service and professionalism to ensure that your needs and those around you are well tended to.

What is a Hen Do?

Hen do, Hen party, hen weekend, and hen’s night all have something in common, and that is being used to describe a gathering for only women. In the case of a hen do, it is a party thrown for a lady that is about to get married.

In the past, a bachelorette party was a black tie event organized by the sister of the bride where a toast is made for the groom and bride to be. The first stag do dates back to the 5th century B.C, where ancient Spartans celebrated a groom’s last night as a bachelor.

There’s also an instance in 1896 where Herbert Barnum Seeley threw a stag do known at the time as “Awful Seeley Dinner” for his brother. There was a dancer at the party who danced naked in desserts, however, a police officer ended the party in the early morning.

Stag do have, however, evolved recently to include female company even though it is still purposed for men. This time around, it is women who serve as entertainers and may take their place as strippers or topless waitresses.

Another difference from the traditional stag do, is that the groom and his friends are now throwing parties in foreign destinations and one of them is Marbella.

Marbella Stag Do

The Marbella stag do comes with a lot of promise asides having so much to eat and drink. You can actually spend your last free days as a single man while bonding with your buddies and sharing good old college stories. What’s more, there are a lot of beautiful girls in Marbella and that could mean that one person can be paired up at the end of the day.

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