coronavirus marbella hen do
Coronavirus Marbella Hen Do

The coronavirus marbella hen do  is on the rise in society and the fear of contagion is increasing in bachelor parties. That is why this year you have in doubt whether to travel, stay at home or make your marbella hen do party in your own city. We want to give calm and advise the hottest months of the year. The change of season and high summer temperatures is a key point in favor so that this virus does not spread.

Consequences of Coronavirus in Marbella Hen Do

We have gradually detected the doubt among organizers of single men and single women when choosing options with less risk of contagion. Also the decision of which city is ideal to make the farewell with less risk. The consequences on this new global situation that is spreading is increasing in society, with the consequence and when in doubt of the fear of not knowing which options of activities or services are low risk.

Coronavirus Marbella Hen Do Prevention in Farewells 

The first thing is to prevent, so we will take into account if some of you have any symptoms and have a medical check-up to detect if there is a contagion of coronavirus before departure. Taking action in the face of this new pandemic is guaranteeing your celebration with the peace of mind of not infecting each other. There are cities of greater and lesser risk in the national territory, that is why you inform yourself of the ideal city. Making farewells in Malaga is one of the best options since in cities with high temperatures, the virus does not spread so easily. If you come from another city, it guarantees accommodation with the hygiene measures required by Health. To do this, contact a specialized agent as a travel agency that gives you that guarantee as farewells Marbella. What steps should you take with your farewell with the COVID-19 virus? Assuming that you already have everything organized for your farewell, the first thing we will advise you are the necessary measures for your safety. We present the following points to keep in mind. Wash your hands at all times if you have done any activity. Try not to shake hands with strangers or say hello with typical kisses on the face. If you do, take the time to wash your hands and face. Be careful with your glass and cutlery if you go to a restaurant or disco. Any mistake of another person can infect you without realizing it. In the same way, do not accept drinks between you or anyone unknown. Take your own towels if you are going to stay in a hotel or apartment, and be extremely careful with your bathroom, toothbrush, deodorant, use of creams ... Good hydration of water and good food makes your defenses strong. Doing a bachelor or bachelorette party is not (throwing the house out the window). How to face the Coronavirus in your bachelor party To face the Coronavirus we are not going to ask you to attend your party with a mask taking the measures that we have told you, since we know that the risk to face the situation is more preventive. Take the appropriate measures for your tranquility and spend a celebration adapting to the new situation on our planet. 

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