Have you ever asked yourself, how do I arrange a hen party? A hen party is a night out where the bride and groom can come together to get away with their friends and families. The idea behind it is to have fun at the same time enjoy the company of friends and family.

Planning a hen’s night in isn’t always easy, so there are some essential things to know when looking for the perfect hen night checklist. A checklist will help you understand what to bring and make your evening more enjoyable and successful. 

  • Plan ahead

There is no guideline on when you should celebrate hen’s party, but a month before your wedding day is a superb period. Why? It’s not close to the wedding day the fact that the bride-to-be is going to be too stressed out or too occupied to have a great time.

  • Have the basics

Think about the fun things that will keep your guests entertained for hours on end and your simple things to make sure that you’re comfortable. These include fragrant candles, complimentary champagne, fresh flowers, and a comfortable chair or sofa.

  • Budget Budget

As a rule, you should always take a rough estimate of the cost of the entertainment before you start planning for the party. As an alternative, you can always take a printed copy of the checklist and make a rough estimate of the cost of the entertainment. This will help you create a workable budget for the party.

  • Everyone has their seats

You want to get everyone you invite to your girl’s night out together in one room for some “grown-up” fun. Make sure that everyone you bring has their seat so that they don’t have to stand on full couches and hard to get seats.

  • Menu Planning is a must

There are some top tips to follow when planning the food for your hen’s night out. The first thing that you want to do is to see what kinds of foods that your friends enjoy eating. Certain groups may enjoy using spicy foods such as chilli, Mexican, and Thai. 

Add these spices to your menu so that everyone can have a fun time enjoying the food you’ve prepared. Another tip to consider when planning a hen’s night is to make sure that the food you serve is savory and delicious. This is a great way to get everyone to have a good time without making sure that everyone has eaten.

  • Plan the cocktails

Girls love cocktails! So, when it comes to cocktails, you may want to include things like gin and tonic, brandy and vermouth, champagne with caviar, mint julep, and lemon-lime shrimp. You can also easily add drinks to the menu after the event has ended, such as beer, wine, and liquor.

  • Arranged the Guest List

Make sure you have everything in place. Start by printing out plenty of invitations, because this should be the number one priority. You will want your guests to show up early so they can enjoy the hen party while the rest of the party is going on elsewhere. A few points to keep in mind: Don’t ask anyone that is not welcomed to the wedding event. Of course, if the bride to have future sisters-in-law, it’s a great option to invite them, even though they are not besties!

  • Gifts for your guests

Some of the gifts you can consider getting for your guests include coasters, wine glasses, bottle openers, and novelty candles. Also, consider getting the food at your venue fresh. Try to avoid buying frozen or store-bought products. Freshness will add to the mood of the party and will keep everyone happy and hydrated.

If you have ever wondered how to arrange a hen party, why not visit Marbella hen do , there are plenty of things that they can help you with. With the right planning, you can have a great party without the stress and hassle.

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