Marbella Hen Do 5 Best Ideas

Today, we would like to help our hen parties that wish to visit Spain with the Marbella Hen Do Best Ideas.

This ideas comes from an all inclusive Marbella hen do package to small activities, with the main aim to offer a great plan to any budget and our hen do parties enjoy the best products with best possible deals without no competence.

Marbella Hen Do Villa

On 2021 is a trend to hire a Villa in Marbella for your hen do, obviously groups are looking for all inclusive packages. Our holiday packages includes always 3 nights villa accomodation, return airport transfers, vip night out in clubs in Puerto Banus, and also activities as catamaran hire, cheeky butler, dj hire, strippers, champagne breakfast, bbq with butler in the buff, and many surprises for the bride to be.

marbella hen do 5 best ideas

Marbella Private Boat Party

You cannot miss, if you visit Puerto Banús, you cannot miss on your list of Marbella hen do ideas 5 ideas.

An amazing idea is to hire a stunning catamaran for a couple hours and enjoy a few prosseco iced and chilled glasses, and why not add a dj or a stripper on board, is an amazing idea for your hen do holidays in Marbella.

Even of this you can also add some amazing add ons as bbq, open bar deals and extra hours.

Marbella Private Boat Party

Mabella Male Stripper

A male stripper Marbella show is another and really cheap hen do idea in Marbella. We provide an amazing staff, professional male strippers and dancers with different outfits as police man, fire man, james bond or sexy Wall street broker.

This experience is highly demmanded by hen parties.

marbella hen do 5 best ideas

Marbella Cocktail Making.

This is a classic hen do idea for our hen do ideas and cannot be missed on our list of Marbella hen do 5 best ideas.

Our butlers in the buff, are perfect and amazing mixologist, they will teach the secrets of a Mohito, a fresh piña colada and an exotic and sexy, sex on the beach.
This activity use to last around 1 hour and a half and normally the company offer as courtesy the bride for free.

marbella hen do 5 best ideas

Party Bus Marbella

A Party Bus Marbella is a great way to arrive from Málaga airport to Marbella on a luxury and funny way. The best start to party hard is our Marbella airport transfer on a party bus.

Party Bus Marbella Hire 1 Hour for a hen or stag party, you go dancing and listening the best tunes of your favourite music also you can hire a dj for your private event or birthday.

Exclusive for corporate events in Marbella, a party or disco bus in Marbella is a great idea to break the ice with the work mates. An amazing idea for team builiding in Marbella.

Marbella Hen Villa Hire

Marbella Hen Villa Hire, is a trending topic on hen party accomodation, for the last years. Now with the covid 2019 virus crisis, hen do parties in Marbella will increase quite a lot the demmand hiring villas.

In 2021, Marbella hen villa hire will be a must on your hen do holidays next 2021 in Costa del Sol. All girls will demmand this kind of accomodation specially, for safety and health reasons for the recent virus crisis suffered on the first part of 2020.

On 2021 hen parties will take attention on private accomodation places and also look for all inclusive hen villa packages in Marbella.

Marbella hen do as party planner has designed several Marbella hen villa hire pacakges including accomodation, airport transfers, and many amazing hen party activities as private boat parties, beach clubs in Marbella, private events on your villa, as pool parties, dj hire, barbecues or super fun cocktail making classes with an awesome and muscled cheeky butlers in the buff.

Dont wait till tomorrow and ask for our Marbella Hen Villa Hire special packages, all included. Never was so easy to rent a villa in Marbella with all kind of activities and fun guaranteed.

The nightlife is another important part of your hen do in Marbella and we include 2 amazing big night outs in Puerto Banús. Nobody offers so many funny activities with so small prices.

Marbella hen do, will provide included in all hen party Villa hire packages a table with vip ropped area and personalised banner onto a flat screen. A dedicated sexy male waiter will attend the brid to be and will look after the hen party.

On the second night, we offer Tibu Guest list entry for free, but if you want to run that extra mile to be a vip customer we offer also a table reservation services providing you information about different packages and deals for an awesome hen do night out.

Planning a Hen Do in Marbella

Planning a Hen Night Checklist

Have you ever asked yourself, how do I arrange a hen party? A hen party is a night out where the bride and groom can come together to get away with their friends and families. The idea behind it is to have fun at the same time enjoy the company of friends and family.

Planning a hen’s night in isn’t always easy, so there are some essential things to know when looking for the perfect hen night checklist. A checklist will help you understand what to bring and make your evening more enjoyable and successful. 

  • Plan ahead

There is no guideline on when you should celebrate hen’s party, but a month before your wedding day is a superb period. Why? It’s not close to the wedding day the fact that the bride-to-be is going to be too stressed out or too occupied to have a great time.

  • Have the basics

Think about the fun things that will keep your guests entertained for hours on end and your simple things to make sure that you’re comfortable. These include fragrant candles, complimentary champagne, fresh flowers, and a comfortable chair or sofa.

  • Budget Budget

As a rule, you should always take a rough estimate of the cost of the entertainment before you start planning for the party. As an alternative, you can always take a printed copy of the checklist and make a rough estimate of the cost of the entertainment. This will help you create a workable budget for the party.

  • Everyone has their seats

You want to get everyone you invite to your girl’s night out together in one room for some “grown-up” fun. Make sure that everyone you bring has their seat so that they don’t have to stand on full couches and hard to get seats.

  • Menu Planning is a must

There are some top tips to follow when planning the food for your hen’s night out. The first thing that you want to do is to see what kinds of foods that your friends enjoy eating. Certain groups may enjoy using spicy foods such as chilli, Mexican, and Thai. 

Add these spices to your menu so that everyone can have a fun time enjoying the food you’ve prepared. Another tip to consider when planning a hen’s night is to make sure that the food you serve is savory and delicious. This is a great way to get everyone to have a good time without making sure that everyone has eaten.

  • Plan the cocktails

Girls love cocktails! So, when it comes to cocktails, you may want to include things like gin and tonic, brandy and vermouth, champagne with caviar, mint julep, and lemon-lime shrimp. You can also easily add drinks to the menu after the event has ended, such as beer, wine, and liquor.

  • Arranged the Guest List

Make sure you have everything in place. Start by printing out plenty of invitations, because this should be the number one priority. You will want your guests to show up early so they can enjoy the hen party while the rest of the party is going on elsewhere. A few points to keep in mind: Don’t ask anyone that is not welcomed to the wedding event. Of course, if the bride to have future sisters-in-law, it’s a great option to invite them, even though they are not besties!

  • Gifts for your guests

Some of the gifts you can consider getting for your guests include coasters, wine glasses, bottle openers, and novelty candles. Also, consider getting the food at your venue fresh. Try to avoid buying frozen or store-bought products. Freshness will add to the mood of the party and will keep everyone happy and hydrated.

If you have ever wondered how to arrange a hen party, why not visit Marbella hen do , there are plenty of things that they can help you with. With the right planning, you can have a great party without the stress and hassle.

Coronavirus Marbella Hen Do

coronavirus marbella hen do
Coronavirus Marbella Hen Do

The coronavirus marbella hen do  is on the rise in society and the fear of contagion is increasing in bachelor parties. That is why this year you have in doubt whether to travel, stay at home or make your marbella hen do party in your own city. We want to give calm and advise the hottest months of the year. The change of season and high summer temperatures is a key point in favor so that this virus does not spread.

Consequences of Coronavirus in Marbella Hen Do

We have gradually detected the doubt among organizers of single men and single women when choosing options with less risk of contagion. Also the decision of which city is ideal to make the farewell with less risk. The consequences on this new global situation that is spreading is increasing in society, with the consequence and when in doubt of the fear of not knowing which options of activities or services are low risk.

Coronavirus Marbella Hen Do Prevention in Farewells 

The first thing is to prevent, so we will take into account if some of you have any symptoms and have a medical check-up to detect if there is a contagion of coronavirus before departure. Taking action in the face of this new pandemic is guaranteeing your celebration with the peace of mind of not infecting each other. There are cities of greater and lesser risk in the national territory, that is why you inform yourself of the ideal city. Making farewells in Malaga is one of the best options since in cities with high temperatures, the virus does not spread so easily. If you come from another city, it guarantees accommodation with the hygiene measures required by Health. To do this, contact a specialized agent as a travel agency that gives you that guarantee as farewells Marbella. What steps should you take with your farewell with the COVID-19 virus? Assuming that you already have everything organized for your farewell, the first thing we will advise you are the necessary measures for your safety. We present the following points to keep in mind. Wash your hands at all times if you have done any activity. Try not to shake hands with strangers or say hello with typical kisses on the face. If you do, take the time to wash your hands and face. Be careful with your glass and cutlery if you go to a restaurant or disco. Any mistake of another person can infect you without realizing it. In the same way, do not accept drinks between you or anyone unknown. Take your own towels if you are going to stay in a hotel or apartment, and be extremely careful with your bathroom, toothbrush, deodorant, use of creams ... Good hydration of water and good food makes your defenses strong. Doing a bachelor or bachelorette party is not (throwing the house out the window). How to face the Coronavirus in your bachelor party To face the Coronavirus we are not going to ask you to attend your party with a mask taking the measures that we have told you, since we know that the risk to face the situation is more preventive. Take the appropriate measures for your tranquility and spend a celebration adapting to the new situation on our planet. 

How to Prepare for Your Marbella Hen Do with your Friends

There are reputable airports in Ireland and the United Kingdom which offer direct flights to Málaga airport. Once you get to the Airport, you can employ the services of a Mini Bus Shuttle to transport you and your friends to your Villa or Hotel. This is because it takes about 50 minutes to travel between the airport and Marbella.

Lest we forget, you can also optionally have a cheeky butler welcome you with a cold glass of cava if you have settled for the option. Thereafter, you will be taken to your hotel to prepare for the Marbella hen do.

Who Can Organize my Hen Party?

Your Marbella hen do must be an exquisite and that is why you need to rely on a company with the experience to organize one for you. The company in question must be able to offer quality service and professionalism to ensure that your needs and those around you are well tended to.

What is a Hen Do?

Hen do, Hen party, hen weekend, and hen’s night all have something in common, and that is being used to describe a gathering for only women. In the case of a hen do, it is a party thrown for a lady that is about to get married.

In the past, a bachelorette party was a black tie event organized by the sister of the bride where a toast is made for the groom and bride to be. The first stag do dates back to the 5th century B.C, where ancient Spartans celebrated a groom’s last night as a bachelor.

There’s also an instance in 1896 where Herbert Barnum Seeley threw a stag do known at the time as “Awful Seeley Dinner” for his brother. There was a dancer at the party who danced naked in desserts, however, a police officer ended the party in the early morning.

Stag do have, however, evolved recently to include female company even though it is still purposed for men. This time around, it is women who serve as entertainers and may take their place as strippers or topless waitresses.

Another difference from the traditional stag do, is that the groom and his friends are now throwing parties in foreign destinations and one of them is Marbella.

Marbella Stag Do

The Marbella stag do comes with a lot of promise asides having so much to eat and drink. You can actually spend your last free days as a single man while bonding with your buddies and sharing good old college stories. What’s more, there are a lot of beautiful girls in Marbella and that could mean that one person can be paired up at the end of the day.

The Best Hen Do Ideas in Costa Del Sol

the best hen do ideas in Costa del Sol

Why the High Interest in Marbella?

Marbella has become one of the most popular tourist cities of the Costa del Sol, attracting international tourists on a yearly basis. Specifically, the city gets visitors from Germany, the United Kingdom, Ireland, United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia. While it may have once been home to Romans and Moors, there are currently 137 nationalities living in the region.

These aside, here are some reasons why the resort has gained so much popularity:

A. Marbella’s Tourism:

Coupled with its location and scenery, Marbella has a good number of tourist infrastructures. Some of these tourists’ sites in and near the city are:

  • Las Bóvedas
  • Arabian wall
  • Old city center
  • Bonsai Museum
  • Basilica Vega del Mar
  • Playa de Fontanilla (beach)
  • Playa de la Bajadilla (beach)
  • Puerto Banús, a marina built by José Banús
  • Museo del Grabado Español Contemporáneo

B. Marbella’s Archaeological Heritage:

Marbella is reputable for its archaeological heritage, performance spaces, museums (for e.g the Museum of Spanish contemporary engraving), and events such as reggae concerts to opera performances. Therefore, it is a region aristocrats have come to appreciate over the years.

What’s more, some museums feature aquatints, lithographs, engravings, etchings, and other graphic designs amounting to over 4000 collections. Some of these works were designed by Spain’s most vaunted artists and thus, there are works from Picasso, Miró, Goya, and Dalí in these museums.

C. Marbella’s Friendly Climate:

It’s never too hot or too cold in Marbella thanks to its northern side which is protected by the coastal mountains of the Cordillera Penibética. The average annual temperature in Marbella is usually above 18 °C (64 °F) with an average rainfall of 628 l/m², and average hours of sunshine of 2,900 annually.

D. Marbella’s Native Dishes:

Being situated right next to the sea means there’s a variety of seafood to feast on while in Marbella. To that effect, the traditional cuisine of Marbella is based on seafood such as mackerel, mullet or squid, and fried fish.

There are also a good number of restaurants in Marbella that serve international dishes, nouvelle, or fusion cuisines. As a consequence, if you’d rather not settle for the traditional native cuisine, then there’s something your taste buds are used to, to settle with.

E. Marbella’s NightLife:

The nightlife in Marbella is glitzy and glamorous which means the nighttime can be just as alluring as the day if not more. If you love parties, then there are a wide range of late night bars, night clubs, music bars, restaurants, and other luxury venues who are up on their toes to offer you the best service.

Night clubs, for instance, provide an avenue for you to flex those muscles and they can stay up into the early hours on the morning (around 6 am to 7 am on weekends). Similarly, there is no entrance fee, except on certain occasions during live band nights or special DJ request where drinks could also become more expensive. Thus, if you were looking for a hen party entertainment ideas, this would be it.

F. Marbella Boat Parties:

It’s not only about arts since golfers, boaters, and party lovers have also become visitors to this region. To cater to their needs, there are luxury yachts for a boat party in Marbella which are used for cruise ships around the Marbella waters.What’s even more interesting, is the number of beaches that are spread across the resort since there are as many as 25 whose sand have a darkish tint. These beaches also feature facilities such as Chiringuito (beach bars) and lifeguards to ensure the safety of swimmers.

Stag Do Ideas and Activities in Marbella

Stag Do Ideas and Activities in Marbella

In the Marbella stag do, there is a range of services we offer to make sure that every dime you’re going to spend on the trip is duly rewarded. Here is some Stag Do ideas and activities while in Marbella:

  • FootGolf
  • Paintball
  • Bar Crawl
  • Go Karting
  • Quad Biking
  • Bubble Football
  • Binocular Football
  • Clay Pigeon Shooting
  • Midget stripper hire

1. FootGolf:

Football or Golf? If you’re torn between the ideas of which to choose, you can have both! Who needs to register in a club just to play their favorite game of golf? And who needs a large ball with a large team when your friends are standing right there?

If you get what we’re driving at, then we’re about to bring out your competitive side and your sports-loving nature with FootGolf. You can mix golf and football together to burn that energy ranging through your muscles.

What’s even more exceptional is that if you do not have the patience to get the right target for a hole with a stick, you can speed up the process with your foot. There’s also the fun part of wearing Pringle socks, colored jumpers, and any other outfit without your buddies judging.

2. Paintball:

It’s war time! Now get in line, pick up your rifle, strategize, and come up with a game plan that will enable you to win trophies. It’s time to show all those gaming skills you’ve been acquiring closed doors and now, defeat your opponent.

How about we skip the competitive part and just focus on the fun you can have with this outdoor activity with your friends in Marbella. However, get ready to be hit by some paintballs.

3. Bar Crawl:

Bar crawl stag weekends are all about drinking in multiple bars on the same night and typically walking from place to place to do so. The point here is not the drinks, but learning about the history and culture of the city you’re in and in this case, Marbella.

So in your quest to see what the city offers while having a pint and evil shots that leave you crawling at the end of the day, you would’ve also learned something intriguing. It begins by taking advantage of the opportunity to explore the city with your eyes and absorbing different atmospheres.

4. Go Karting:

Speed and adrenaline sound good and it’s even better if you can feel it. Thus, within 20 minutes reach from Puerto Banús, you can go Karting on a machine whose engines are as reliable as the can be. Hit the gas, speed up, and win the race; that is if you’re feeling highly competitive.

5. Quad Biking:

One more stag do activity for the weekend is quad biking or ATVs and it has been specially designed for motor freaks. Get on the mechanical beast, navigate along the terrain with your mates, and show your skills and expertise in overcoming dips, slopes, and mud.

Also, a quad biking stag weekend is your dream come true if you thrive on speed and performance. However, there’s the risky nature of the activity to consider and that being so, you’ll have to adhere to rules and safety procedures that will be given by a qualified instructor.

6. Bubble Football:

Bubble football is a stag do activity that requires that you move around a lot because you will be rolling down the hill with big zorbs of a bubble. The bubble covers the upper body while you run around in it playing games. Depending on the weather, this activity holds outdoors in a football pitch or inside a gymnasium and you may need a gym kit and some trainers in order to be well geared to play.

Asides from you and your stags, there’s a referee and staff to ensure it is a fair game and there is a help when you need it to get off your bubble. So, run around, charge into your friends, see how many you can knock down without feeling it, and live in the joy of the moment.

7. Binocular Football:

Yes, it’s football alright but this time around, its binocular football which differs significantly from what you may have already known. It can mess up your mind and perception having binoculars wrapped around your eyes as you play, but that’s the fun part.

What’s even more intriguing is the challenge that comes with it because it can give even the most skilled player a run for their money. However, we believe you love a challenge and you’re up for the task while trying to acquire a new skill. All you need is a football kit, shoes, goggles, bibs, the ball, and the cones for you lads can sweat it out.

8. Midget Stripper Hire Marbella

We’ve all got fantasies but not very many can outlive theirs. A midget stripper hire in Marbella can offer you something relaxing, sexy, and sensual from a dwarf stripper. They can sure put up an erotic show that will definitely be worth remembering and each time you do, we bet a smile will creep on your face.

Just imagine what it could be like to relive the ultimate stag do experience to your buddies and let anyone who failed to have shown know what they had missed. Chances that they won’t stand you up next time might be high. But then, you need a smartphone or camera whose battery is rock solid to enable you to capture these memorable moments.

Marbella Stripper for a Marbella Hen do

marbella male stripper

Marbella Male Stripper

Marbella Stripper for a Marbella Hen do , can be a topic for a holidays and a classic idea for a hen party overseas.

Yes is classic idea to book a male stripper in Marbella, but always is a sucess and a big surprise for the bride to be, and is a must on every hen do in Marbella.

We provide a wide range of strippers in Marbella, and funny outfits as police man, fireman, james bond etc.

Why book a Stripper with Marbella Hen do?

Marbella hen do guarantees the best show for your holidays, this are some topics you need to check before booking a stripper in Marbella.

*Always check that the bride to be is happy for this kind of activities, some hen girls are a bit shy and dont really like this kind of show. If so, please ask for a not fully naked strip show in Marbella. This guarantee the fun for the bride team and the bride to be.

*We provide a mobile stripper show 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 365 days per year. Also a wide range of guys so you can choose from coloured dancers to really handsome and latino dancers. You have the best and young staff guaranteed in Costa del Sol.

Marbella Male Stripper

*Best price guaranteed, our strippers shows in Marbella have the cheapest deals from only 160 Euros per show. Nobody have so many young guys with this cheap prices. Always ask for our photos by whatsapp. We provide easy contact with the commercials that work with Marbella Hen do.

*Easy book, just reach us by email or whatsapp on + 34 615 96 36 36 and we provide photos and videos of our male strippers and only with a small deposit by paypal, you will book the stripper for your hen do in Marbella.

Best deals, easy way of booking are the top reasons to book a Marbella Male stripper.

Boat Party in Marbella (Costa del Sol)

boat party in Marbella

Its summer 2019 and you may not have plans to get married anytime soon, but that does not mean there’s no reason to party or take a short break. Anytime is a good time to celebrate as long as it’s your free time. What better way to let loose and release some steam after months of hard labor at work? None better than now!

A boat party in Marbella features good drinks, vibes, swing, and fun onboard. The party occurs on various dates between April and September. These dates are hot on the calendar since they provide an avenue to visit Spain and specifically, the blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea. The weather at that time is great which makes it suitable to get a suntan while in your bikini or shorts.

We organize boat parties in Marbella ranging from stags, hens, and a whole range of activities. If you’re up for a weekend of fun, you can pair up with other fun enthusiasts heading to Puerto Banús, Marbella, or its neighboring regions such as Fuengirola or Estepona, Ibiza, Barcelona, Tenerife, Mojacar, and Seville. Specifically, you can look forward to the Puro Beach in Estepona and Plaza Beach in Puerto Banus.

You can dance in the whole trip with others but if you don’t want to share, then we also offer private yacht & boat charters where you and your guest will be the only ones who know what transpired on the sea. There’s also our resident DJ who will keep the air alive with the latest songs in different genres. Here’s what to look forward to while in the region:

  • Sisu pool & rooftop parties
  • Evening bars in Puerto Banus
  • Catering & activities at your villa
  • Dance classes and cocktail making
  • Restaurant reservations and advice
  • Go-Karting, paintball & buggy safari
  • Ocean club Marbella in Puerto Banus
  • Private dining restaurants for groups
  • Wakeboarding & water based Activities

What Makes the Marbella Boat Trip Worth it?

All of this wouldn’t have been made possible without great staff in place to ensure that from bookings for your accommodation and other activities are carried out swiftly. There’s great music and inexpensive drinks to go with it. Let’s just say the level of organization is good to ensure that you do not get disappointed. Thus, you can prepare for an amazing few hours on the boat that will be nothing short of epic.



Cheeky Butler Marbella is the perfect add on for a hen do in Marbella. A great service with the top leading company hiring butlers in the buff in Marbella

A Marbella cheeky butler are well trained young gentleman, prepared to serve drinks and make cocktails, ready to serve food, entertain the hen parties and with lots of drinks games to have an unforgettable evening at your villa in Marbella. Without no doubt we are the leading company in Butlers Spain.


When you hire our Cheeky Butlers Marbella, will be secure you hire the best butlers for your party.

Our company guarantees young cheeky butlers in Marbella. Other companies, offer old guys over 40 years old, and even they are not bad looking, this guys could be your father or husband ;).

Imagine you have booked an amazing naked butler in Marbella, you are expecting a young and sexy guy for your event not a really mature guy.


Yes without no doubt a cheeky butler marbella breakfast is an amazing way to start a glorius and glamours morning beautiful and fresh start of the day.

A Breakfast in Marbella served by a cheeky butler will do an easy way to have an amazing activity for your hen do in Marbella.

Our cheeky butler will bring and prepare an amazing breakfast with cava, fresh seasonal fruit, yogurt, cava, orange juice, ham, pastries croissants and the best service by a bottomless butler in Marbella.

Cheeky butler marbella

We also offer and organize a wide range of hen do activities in Marbella, as boat parties, vip restaurant bookings, marbella stripper hire, private boat hire, bbq chefs, cocktail classes, life drawing lessons, bar crawls etc…