Marbella Cheeky Butler BBQ

This is it. This is one of the few days that you will remember all your life. Your hen party. This day is just about you and your friends. However, do not think that your hen party will be relaxing (unless you want so).


Luxury Villas Marbella

The number of hen party activities is immense so why wouldn’t you and your friends stay a weekend in a Luxury Villa in Marbella for this special occasion? You will taste all the Royal attentions to make the hen party unforgettable. No matter from when you arrive a minibus can collect you from Malaga’s airport. But this is no ordinary minibus. This one is prepared to party from the first second you get on it. No time can be wasted!

Once you reach the Luxury Villa in Marbella you have lots of activities, from a pampering session to charge your batteries after the flight to a Cocktail Making class or a BBQ and obviously your favourite drinks. But do not worry, you won’t have to do all the work because you can have butlers.

Marbella cheeky butler

A very special cheeky butler that can do everything for you. Would you like to have your drinks in the Jacuzzi? Or would you prefer them in the heated swimming pool? You can choose what you want or need.

You can even decide if the butler wears trousers… or not. This is no ordinary butler and everyone, yes everyone, will be talking about him. But do not to lose your focus too much. Or at least try your best not to lose it because there is more.

Hen Party Marbella

Hen Party in Marbella can be much more. In fact, it can be anything you want. What about a private boat party? You will be able to spend your time with your beloved friends in a unique environment.

Whether you prefer feeling the warmth of the sun on your smooth skin while having a drink or if you feel more adventurous and prefer directly jumping into the sea for a swim a private boat party is for you.

But don’t worry if you don’t have sailing experience the captain will be with you and some more special people will take care of all the amenities….

The cheeky butlers! To serve your drinks or snacks they will do all you need while bringing fun and laugh on board. And when you think that it couldn’t get any better you can simply go the one of the VIP clubs.

Marbella has some of the most exclusive clubs where you can relax, drink and party like tomorrow does not exist. A private table in one these clubs is all you need to have the most memorable night.



But this is not the end, you can grab a party minibus or a limo for tour to enjoy Marbella’s nightlife and also to go back to your accommodation. Could you think of a better alternative? I do not think so. A Hollywood superstar could not have it better.

Private boat party Marbella

Hen Weekend Marbella

Marbella has always been a synonym of glamour and fun which is exactly what one would like to have as a last crazy weekend party before getting married. A Hen Weekend in Marbella will totally blow your mind before the big day.

The range of activities is immense to suit all the tastes.

Maybe a cocktail making class, a pampering day with massage, a life drawing for the most creative and for sure a BBQ.

However, if you think Marbella something will reach your mind very quickly. VIP beach clubs. A party in Marbella is not complete without visiting the beach club where you receive all the attentions.

Private Boat Party

Although there are many Marbella Hen Party Packages probably, nothing beats a Boat Party in Marbella. Just imagine you and your friends in a luxurious boat with all the amenities to give you the VIP treatment that all of you deserve. Everyone just taking care of you. Captain? Checked, Music and DJ? Checked, unlimited drinks? Checked, hotter than the sun cheeky butlers?… Oh yes, checked and double checked.

The possibilities that a private yacht provide are infinite. Who does not want to be seen and maybe photographed while boarding a yacht in one the most luxurious city in the world? But this is just the start. Navigating into the sea with your most beloved friends is an exhilarating experience.

You can relax and feel the sunrays gently tanning your skin while the breeze embraces you. Obviously, you can enhance the moment with that champagne or cocktail that you love.


Are you a film lover? Then maybe you can revive some scenes from Titanic with you friends. However, maybe you prefer a more adventurous experience taking turns at the wheel of the yacht or swimming in the sea.

Do you want to chill out after a whole day of activities included in one of our Marbella Hen Party packages? Then just remember all those funny stories with you friends on the deck while cooling you with some drinks served by a cheeky butler. And remember, everything is private…

Marbella Hen Party Packages

But this is not the end. No, not at all. After coming back to land, you can grab a limo to go to the nightclub. There could not be a better to option to arrive to the popular club. Marbella is well known by the quality of the DJ’s and you will notice it. This is the night. This is the night when you will party like there is no tomorrow. Tonight is about the hen and everything she wants is possible. Maybe you did not know it but in fact you need your own sexy butler to serve you drinks during the night. Or maybe you need a stripper to make you have everything and more in your special day.

The memories of this day will last forever so make sure you pick up the best option. And remember that in Marbella everything is possible for you on this special day.

Marbella Stag Do Weekends

If Spain has always caught your attention, and specifically Andalusia for its unbeatable weather, and its cheap prices compared to the rest of Europe, Malaga is the ideal place to start getting to know the Spanish land. And, furthermore the luxurious town of Marbella is the perfect spot to celebrate your stag do with style.

This small town has an international reputation, and not just because of its location between the sea and the mountain; in fact, close mountains surround Malaga, which creates the perfect weather conditions, having all year long a very enjoyable temperature between 62ºF and 64ºF.

Does cold weather make you sick? Then leave your coat and the gray skies behind you and come to know the hot sun of Marbella. In the 50s there were many who were attracted to the Marbella coast and its 16 miles of beach, mostly came because the jet-set of that time and moment did an excellent work as advertising agents. They sold Marbella very well everywhere around the world. And still today, it is a preferred holiday destination for hundreds of people and many of those celebrities stayed and made Marbella their home. Oh! If you are worried about getting to Marbella from the airport, do not worry! We have a Transfer Service to Marbella from the airport itself.

And what better excuse than a stag do to get to know this wonderful place with all your friends?


Stag Do Ideas

If you are looking for good ideas for a stag do we will give you the best tips. We have been organizing events and celebrations for more than 10 years now, so take note:

Let us organize you a Boat Party from the luxurious Puerto Banus harbour, which occupies the fourth place in the world ranking of marinas, a beautiful combination of leisure and luxury, its design was created by the architect Noldi Schreck, who also collaborated with the construction of Beverly Hills-, you will fall in love with its breathtaking landscapes.

So head with us into the Mediterranean Sea, and set sail for a few hours with flawless music, good drinks, and your people eager to have fun. Or if you prefer, you can hire a Fiesta in a private boat, if you need that extra privacy.

We cannot ignore the stripper moment, you have to agree that it is one of the most anticipated and expected in a stag do. We collaborate closely with the best erotic dance girls of Marbella. Stunning bodies that will leave all your friends amazed, and the groom just paralyzed in astonishment. We only work with nude art professionals to guarantee the best shows to our clients.

If you want a little bit of action during the day, we organize Paintball Games and Go Karting racesBarbecues … The best options to prepare the body for what’s coming next, since you have to be in shape to face Marbella’s night.

If you do not know where to go, we will advise you to the best clubs according to your personal preferences.

We have many other ideas, but the best thing is that you get to know Marbella Temptation perfectly well. And if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be more than happy to help you organize the best stag do you can possibly imagine.

Marbella Hen Do

Are you looking for the best Hen Do for your girlfriend? Do you want a bit of everything? Marbella is definitely your place. Just one hour from the province of Malaga, the Costa del Sol, you will find a perfect weather. Enviable by the rest of European cities, glamorous nights, luxurious marinas…

Not to mention the incredible Mediterranean boys with hot Latin blood running through their veins. Warmth that will soon make you feel at home, as they will be more than willing to give you a great time at the Marbella coast… Warning: Risk of falling in love!

To be honest, to have a good time here is not difficult at all. Since the 50s Marbella has been a key place were many celebrities have spent their summer vacation, and some of them still do so. In fact, a few of them have chosen this location to buy a second home therefore it wouldn’t be strange if you run into your favourite actor in a party to take a good selfie or… who knows?

Beyond parting and night clubbing, Marbella has so much more to offer; a terrific countryside close at hand from clean beaches and beautiful shores. Although if you want to take a walk and go shopping, you will find the best brands at Puerto Banús –one of the most important marina in the world-.  With the great excuse of having a walk to get to know the village you will be able to get into stores like Jimmy Choo, Valentino, Giorgio Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Salvatore Ferragamo, Bikkembegs, La Perla, Agent Prococateur, Adolfo Dominguez, Tom Ford, Gucci, Gomez & Molina Jewllers, Louis Vuitton, Elite, Escada, Vesace, Hermés Paris, Yorkshire Linen Prestige … and if you fancy the authentic charm of a local flea market, do not miss the one at New Andalusia, every Saturday from 8 AM to 3 PM You can literally  find anything and take home great bargains.

But before all this, you should do something really fun for the hen do, right?


Hen Do Ideas

At Marbella Temptation we offer a wide range of experiences to make your hen do memorable.  Our mission is to create the best experience for our clients and we try to improve with each party we throw.

We get you the ideal accommodation, and the transportation from Malaga Airport to Marbella so you don’t need to worry about anything, and your whole group can stay together. You can hire our transfer service avoiding you problems with bus schedules or taxi rates.

We have many options to offer, but the most important ones could be these:

A spicy touch in a hen do is a must, so we have the best strippers in Marbella, with heavenly bodies forged by the gods themselves. Dancing for the bride’s delight and her friends of course.


You can also go for our Cheeky Butler service, so you will feel taken care of at all times. A handsome barman will prepare your drinks while you scoop out some nice eye candy.

We will offer you tickets to the best nightclubs in Marbella where international DJs will inspire you all night with the best rhythms of House, Electronic and Pop music … So you won’t stop dancing.

And the next morning, what do you think about having a royal breakfast like fairy princesses? Then, let us get you our Breakfeast with first quality products, ingredients that only the Andalusian land can offer so you will recharge your batteries so the show can go on.

A good idea would be to do something relaxing. What do you think about tanning your skin under the sun on board of catamaran? Or a boat party on the Mediterranean coast. Whenever the mood strikes, but it would be a crime not to hire a boat party whilst being in Marbella and take a dip on the high seas.

Whatever you want whenever you want it; you just have to get in touch with us and the Marbella Hen Do team will offer you our services packagesat the best price so that your stay in Marbella will be remembered forever.